Who We Are

Guestlist4Good (G4G) is the world's largest entertainment-for-good social enterprise. Our mission is to raise awareness and money
to ensure that every child gets the education they deserve. We do this by uniting the
world of entertainment to make a positive social difference;
rebalancing the equation between commerce, creativity, and cause.

The entertainment-for-good revolution is possible thanks to global artists
who perform for the love, and the generosity of our sponsors. Together we empower young people to
make a positive social difference by doing what they love most, partying!

Fans on our guestlist are offered free of charge access to phenomenal, live event experiences.
These events generate resources to deliver vulnerable kids from a childhood full of challenges, to a life with meaningful livelihoods.
In an increasingly divided world, the only thing that can unite us is love.

To join the entertainment-for-good revolution ...


Our Impact

G4G is partnered with Magic Bus, an award winning charity that pulls children out of poverty by
teaching life skills through mentoring and sports.

The awareness and donations raised by G4G have supported the education of 128,200 kids
through the Magic Bus programme.

• 0 of the 62,000 girls we have supported were married before the age of 18; compared
to a national average of 30% (equivalent to 18600 child brides).

Education opens the door to a better future; but the work doesn’t stop there! Magic Bus continues
to support these children as they become young adults to ensure they have the right employability
skills to get jobs and contribute to their communities. G4G is committed to
supporting as many children as possible through this journey.