Through a song of unity and love, we aim to unite a billion hearts around the world.
We will record the voices of fans online and at major music festivals,
and combine them into the world’s biggest chorus.

Profits from the song will be used to educate the world’s most vulnerable children.

Oh traveller of dreams, pause for a moment. Turn around and look at me again.
I’m no stranger. If you’re the ocean, I’m the sea that flows to you.
If you’re the destination, I’m the path that leads to you.
If you’re the rain, I’m the cold wind. This is what binds us together.

We gotta light the fire, We gotta be the flame, We gotta stand together, Cause we’re all the same.
We gotta start believing, For this is why we came, We gotta stand together, For love will win the game.

You’re the balm that soothes my pain. I’m the peace in your heart. Let’s not waste away the gift of Love.

(Light the Fire – Mithoon & Shailendra Singh)